No Asbestos, but still looking for contained clean demo?

Clean Demo

No Asbestos, but still looking for contained clean demo?

So, you are planning on doing a partial home renovation, you do not have asbestos, but are still worried about containing the demolition debris and dust from entering the rest of the home where it can affect your family? Abate Right can help with our clean demo services! No one else is better at containing dust particles then an asbestos abatement contractor.

What is clean demo?

Clean demo is the process of removing building material from your home, while containing the dust and construction debris. Preventing the dust particles from working its way throughout your entire house, while still leaving your home usable during the project.

How does Abate Right set up a clean demo project?

All clean demo projects are unique, the first step is to assess the demo area and the needs of the customer. Then they will cover all large items in plastic. Depending on the project we can cover walls, ceilings, windows, doors, vents, wall art, furniture, and flooring to make sure the messy work area stays in the messy work area. Then the crews can set up negative air machines if needed and start to demo and tear down the requested areas/material and remove it from the home. The last step in the clean demo process is to thoroughly clean the demoed area and remove the plastic from your items in a methodical manner making sure the entire mess leaves with us. Leaving the demo area and the rest of your home outside of the demo area looking like it did before the project even started. Saving you time and money on cleaning or damaged items, while being able to stay in your home during a renovation project.

Why would I need Clean demo?

There are lots of times where clean demo can come in handy, from partial renovations to full guts and rebuilds. Nowadays we are spending a lot more time at home due to COVID-19, while the number of homeowners working on home renovation projects has increased since the stay-at-home orders. With that said let us look at a typical home renovation project and how clean demo can help.

Years ago, you had a water leak in the upstairs bathroom, the leak has long been fixed but the drywall on the first-floor ceiling just below the bathroom was never repaired. So, you set out to replace the damaged ceiling drywall in your dining room, but still, you want to be able to make your family dinner in the kitchen. You know as soon as that drywall starts to come down there will be dust all over the house, and just thinking about the itching and scratching from the insulation particles that will be in the air is making you rethink doing the project altogether. This can make it impossible to live in your home during a renovation let alone do any normal tasks like make lunch or have your kids feel safe while playing video games in the living room. Setting up a clean demo area can solve all these problems. We can come in and contained the area, remove the damaged drywall and insulation, while still leaving your house fully usable during and immediately after the clean demo project.

Abate Right specializes in Asbestos Abatement and clean & general demolition projects. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how we can help you stay in your home during a home renovation.