What Steps Should You Take When You Have Asbestos?

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What Steps Should You Take When You Have Asbestos?

Planning on doing a home renovation project and think you might have asbestos? Abate Right can help. In this article we will talk a little about what an asbestos project is, and some steps to get you started.

According to our good friend Webster to “abate” means to reduce pollutants. In the case of construction and demolition you can often run into pollutants. Asbestos, lead, and mold are all pollutants you would want to “abate” from a structure.

It is important to understand when it is crucial to take these pollutants seriously. The answer to that is ALWAYS!

Some of the best advice ever given was, “know when to hire a professional.” When you are dealing with a dangerous material like asbestos it is important for you and your family’s safety that it is removed and disposed of properly.  

First thing you want to do when you suspect a hazardous material in your space is get it tested. It is best to know 100% what you are dealing with. The naked eye can not tell you if your material contains a hazard.

Second, do not mess with it. Let sleeping dogs lie. When the test results come back, they can be a little confusing, now it is time to call Abate Right Inc. We are happy to help you understand your test results whether they are positive or negative, and answer any of your questions.

If an abatement is determined to be necessary, we will send one of our estimators out to get a full scope of your property. Getting rid of toxic material can be tricky, luckily, the professionals at Abate Right are trained to make the process hassle free.

Abatement is closely regulated by the State of Oregon. You can trust Abate Right Inc. to set up a proper containment to protect contaminants from spreading into other spaces. We will also document the process with pictures from set up, to removal of the asbestos containing material. We will also handle all the DEQ permits, documentation, and 3rd party air clearances required for a safe and legal abatement.  

If you think you might need to have material abated from your space, or just have some unanswered questions please feel free to contact us.