Facts about Asbestos Removal in Portland, Oregon

asbestos removal

Facts about Asbestos Removal in Portland, Oregon

asbestos removalAre you planning a remodel, renovation or demolition project at your home or property?  Do you know if any of the building materials contain asbestos?  That’s a tough question to answer.  The goal of this blog is to provide you with some facts about Asbestos Removal in Portland, Oregon.

When should I test?

As a rule of thumb you should have all materials that are to be disturbed tested if your home was built before 2004.  A laboratory will be able to test your material and confirm or deny the presence of asbestos.  If the tests are negative, you are good to go.  If the tests are positive you should have proper asbestos removal by a licensed contractor.

Who can perform the tests?

A certified lab can test any sample for asbestos?  Click here for a link to a list of labs that are certified by the Oregon DEQ.

How do I take a sample?

The Oregon DEQ provides great directions for a homeowner to pull their own sample.  You can also ask the lab to perform a site survey and they can pull the samples for you.  If you are demolishing any building or performing renovatations in a commercial property you will need to have a site survey performed.  If the lab does find asbestos be sure to have a licenses asbestos removal contractor.

asbestos removal

What materials should I test?

You should test any materials that you are going to disturb in a home that was built prior to 2004.  Some of the most common materials that could contain asbestos include: roofing, mastic and glues, sheet goods and tiles, drywall mud and texture, plaster, siding, and ceiling materials.  While this does not cover the entire list this a good start.

My sample is positive, now its time for asbestos removal!

Contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor and get a free estimate.

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